Monday, March 15, 2010

Ms. Wong

Our friend Lynette and us decided to have some tsika tsika over delicious cocktails at Ms. Wong.

We like going there because it's upscale (no rowdy patchouli backpackers, please) but serves reasonably priced yummy drinks.

Faith, Lynette and Loven.

It's fun just hanging out with friends who enjoy fun conversation.

This is Ms. Wong on the drinks menu.

I got the rose petal martini with an infusion of lemon grass. It was so delicious and aromatic.

Earlier that evening I had a Fashion Diary moment at Sokha Hotel.

My top is Common-Tee, a Thai brand that's being stocked in London now. I wore some assorted necklace and carried a Earth Made denim bag.

My jeans are from Only and the black tabi shoes I got from Oroseuy market.

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