Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thriftshopping again

I went thriftshopping briefly when I was in Phnom Penh the last time.

This was taken at Japan Thrift Shop.

Fashion Diary:

Top: Heather Miss Grey by Cecile Van Straten x Bleach Catastrophe

Bottom: DP 'Andy' pants

Shoes: black tabi

Bag: Jeremy Scott x Longchamp 'Le Pliage'

Of course, I was with Franco. He got a few pieces; one is a Norma Kamali black blazer that I pushed him to get because it's soooo Atelier. I got a lusciously tattered Katherine Hamnett jeans and that's it.

Then we checked Oroseuy market because I needed more tabi shoes. I found none. But I did see that shoe above.

Franco found this really fab black leather boots which was sadly too small for his ginormous feet ;) We've been desperately looking for that perfectly battered leather boots. In time...


toxic disco boy said...

dami mo nang tabi! huhuhu

taray naman. ganda ng outfit kahit mangukay. hihihihihihi

fuchsiaboy said...

ngek, everyday outfit lang yan uy!;) sedate lang, hehehe.

i can't get enough of tabi boots ;)

Chip said...

love your bag

fuchsiaboy said...

it seems you love bags? ;)