Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Blue Hue

Here's another of my take on the denim trend. Although it seems I plan my outfits on a certain trend or look, most of the time it's a matter of what clean stuff I can grab easily. I'm such a lazy dresser these days. Long gone are the days when I was in Iloilo that I would 'curate' my outfits.

I try to avoid black as much as possible and I thought it would be fun to pair this light blue cardigan with an intense blue tee from Ouki, Levi's 501 and my current everyday bag from Earth Made. I wore it going to the gallery for work. Blue reminds me of boring office button down shirts worn by crazy serial killers in those Hollywood movies or something.


toxic disco boy said...

curate outfits. LOL! parang ako. wahahahahahahaha.

srsly, ang cute mo here. ^^ blue looks better on you than red. haha. ^^

love ur bag btw. am looking for something similar. malaki at lahat itatambak ko nalang. haha.

fuchsiaboy said...

yeah, i guess there are times when you experience that 'curate' phase.

it's hard to find that specific shape that you want in a material that's so basic. ;) it's the curse of style specific pips like us.

elizar33 said...

love the color blue on you...
it's my new favorite color on myself but i prefer brighter shades of blue

fuchsiaboy said...

the color blue i like is called 'yves klein' blue. it's near neon shade already and was the preferred color of the artist yves klein, hence, the patented name.