Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quiz Night

We finally had the time to go to Funky Munky's Quiz Night when Elaine and Roger visited here a few moons ago.

Roger and Elaine, the primera viajera majora couple, last seen having a vacation after a vacation in Cebu.

We were joined by our Jewish friend, Sol, too.

From left you can see Sarah, and Anna who's from the Black Sea in Russia.

The quiz has various charities it supports. To join you give a dollar which goes directly to the chosen charitable institution. No. 6 question was, 'What is the nationality of supermodel Helena Christensen?' It was so much fun. Our group came in 5th, I think. We got tanked in the sports category. Ewwww, sports!

Funky Munky has a snooker area.

I like the posters they have on display.

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