Sunday, March 07, 2010

Koh Kong Escape

I'm back! Was away for a week for a much needed break from my SR life.

My friend Sophy, chief editrix of F magazine, invited moi, along with the rest of the F team, to a Koh Kong island adventure. The place is the most south western province of the country and is close to Thailand, already.

We stopped at Tatai first after some 6 hours of road trip from Phnom Penh.

There's something refreshing about a place where there's no tourist in sight except our group.

We boarded a small boat off to our first adventure.

We checked 4Rivers, an eco-lodge concept resort about 20 minutes from Tatai bridge.

They have tent rooms that looks cute.

The location is stunning and I imagine myself lounging on one of their sun beds.

But there was something style wise that made me re-think if I really want to stay there. It was the plan but when we got there I totally lost excitement. You can read a positive review here, though. My friends and I are still talking of going back there and actually staying so who knows.

Then we took another 20 minute boat ride and the stunning Tatai waterfalls simply mersmerized me.

I love it!

It doesn't feel like a lot of people go there. It's so prestine.

Of course, the F team had to have a photoshoot there.

I want to go back even just for the waterfalls. I want to spend the whole day there.

A little bit of photo-op.

Franco, Bettyinme ITSELF and creative director of F, wanted Kawadjan to know he's more fierce in posing.

We stayed overnight at Koh Kong city in some hotel, did firefly watching and went to some tacky casino. The thing is my camera got low batt and I totally forgot my chargers. So no pictures about those moments until I get my hands on the pictures my friends took.

The next day we took a 2-hour speed boat ride to another island off Koh Kong city.

We stayed for 2 nights and basically did some photoshoot.

The fishing village is dead by midnight but it was that that made me love the whole trip.

We didn't do anything but eat, do some photoshoot, go swimming and laze under the sun.

I love the sunrise there.

It was magical for me because I saw how the sun literally went up in the horizon.

We went to several uninhabited islands off the main fishing village, about 15 minutes by speedboat. The prestine shoreline with powdery, white sand was TDF!

It's nature at its best. No patchouli smelling backpackers and noisy people in sight! It was heavenly.

We go very early in the morning and leave very late at night.

I was fond of the breakfast fare of bohboh or rice porridge.

It's paired with salty eggs, dried shrimps and pickled vegetable salad.

Some fluffy scarmbled eggs with herbs.

And the freshest squid cooked in spicy oyster sauce. I also got addicted to bagguette drizzled with MY BOY sweet condensed milk.

In the evening we made bonfires on the shore.

They also had an ingenious floating bar set-up where they put some drinks, steamed crabs, tiger prawns, grilled fish and other nibbles. That way we can eat while being in the water. It was so much fun!

Franco and I decided to werq the speedboat.

From F to K, "My milkshake bring all the boys to yard and they're like it's better than yours!"

Noh was like a little kid diving and getting us scallops.

It looks like that when unopened.

And inside you get a miniscule piece of flesh that is sweet and yummy.

They also caught some black urchin and we ate it fresh and raw, too. I'm like it's super expensive to order that in posh Japanese restaurant and there it was just free!

I totally recommend Koh Kong if you've got the budget and you don't want some tourist-y beach. It's lovely there and I can't wait to return.


switful said...

OMG ka D, ini-issue mo kmi ni K ah. Hahahah.

Can't wait to go back din, hopefully ma-miss ni Sophy. hahaha

Anonymous said...

what an awesome adventure! thanks for sharing these wonderful picture moments :=)cielo

kawadjan said...

F stands for Fierce? He who has a smaller waist line rules.

And Noh... what to do? What to say? Gusto kong magtampisaw sa dagat kasama si... Noh.