Tuesday, March 16, 2010

J-Pop CD For Toxic

Some old school J-Pop for my friend Toxic. Love how that mechanical tentacle wraps around the leg of one of the members.

I'm guessing it's an octopus.

Here's some inspiring fasyon images inside of the boy band. I honestly don't know them and thought that if they sounded crap at least their cd booklet looks stylish, hehehe.

I'm guessing these was during the 90's. I'm getting a Helmut Lang vibe.

This sweater could be Gucci during Tom Ford's era.

Or Ann Demeulemeester.

This one is even giving me the Yves Saint Laurent Homme vibe when Hedi Slimane used to design it. Do you still remember? I think that was early 2000.

Give it to you when we bump into each other when I'm home. Hope you like it ;)


toxic disco boy said...

love yah friend! thanks so much. ^^ excited na ko. kelan ba fasheen week?

fuchsiaboy said...

may 26 to june 2 ;)