Thursday, March 25, 2010


I was moaning to a friend (yes, Kawadjan, that's you) how confused I am about my own current personal clothing aesthetic because whenever I look at my clothes rack and wardrobe I don't think it projects a certain singular mood. That's not a bad thing actually but we are talking about self absorbed me here and I'm wishing I'm more ruthless in my editing and style choices. I'm ruthless in editing my collection but I can't edit my clothes properly! I do remember back in college when I couldn't afford to buy clothes and all I had was 10 pairs of black t-shirts paired with 10 black pants. It was minimalism hard core. Then of course I earned money, discovered thrift shops and then it all broke loose! LOL!

When I arrived here in Cambodia, I only had one suitcase. Looking at the pile now I don't think 5 suitcases can suffice, hahaha! It's just giving me the 'shame' feel thinking about it. Well, thanks for sensible friends like K, I realised I'm caring too much about trivial things like that. Why care anyway? I should just be thankful I have lots of things to wear, non?

Anyway, here's one look I'm loving just because it feels 'easy'. It's not that 'fasyon' but exudes a more 'I don't care' feel, non? That to me is more fasyon than fashion itself ;)

Fashion Diary:

Top: Ouki polka dot tee with Giordano knit sweater

Bottom: APC bleach mistake jeans

Shoes: Converse

Accessories: assorted necklaces


toxic disco boy said...

i wanna try this i don't care look.

at may drama ka pa? haha.

and no. ur not obese. pumayat ka nga! i think.

fuchsiaboy said...

hahahaha! try away my friend. ;)