Friday, March 19, 2010

Herve Chapelier

I first got wind of Herve Chapelier bags from the Bag Hag's entry here. Like her I LOVE Longchamp and their relatively lightweight bags. It's very practical when you travel. I remember this Mulberry and how heavy it was so definitely I don't want to go there again. HC intrigued me and promised that I will check their line of stuff.

Well, well, well... I should thank the peeps of Japan Thrift Shop for bringing not one, not two, but 4 fabulous HC bags into my greedy hands, at 1 amazing dollar each!

The pieces I got were from the Sac 'Anses Courtes' line in polyamide material. This one is a 'Les Cabas' fond carre forme basique taille XS (phew!) in blue and gray color combination.

The necessary strip of label.

This one with leather bottom guards is called 'Les Cabas' fond rectagulaire forme basique. It's a dusty pink color which I love. Very Stella McCartney ;)

The leather label on the side.

Plus these two 'Les Cabas' fond carre forme basique in lavender (taille M)...

a leather strip detail inside the bag,

and gray. I love the color! So me, non?

The leather label on the side...

and the leather snap detail inside.

Needless to say, I'm over the moon with these finds. Even Daphne included HC totes in her 'Favourite Things' list. According to her HC is one of the few brands that are still being made in France, not mass produced in China.

I checked out HC's site and I'm loving this 'La valise cabine' style from their 'Voyage' line:

It's cool, non? Military chic is so fasyon now.

Btw, Accessory Lab in Powerplant Mall stocks some HC so all you Manila peeps better check it out and actually buy one coz I'm telling you they're really practical.

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