Sunday, March 21, 2010

Karen's Birthday

A few moons ago, my good friend Karen celebrated her 16th birthday (rolls eyes) and she invited a few of her friends to a good meal at this restaurant that's 'Mongolian'. I was surprised and intrigued what's Mongolian food.

Well, it turned out that it's not Mongolian but Magnolia and it serves Vietnamese food. LOL! Must be the name.

We had a gazillion of stuff but the most memorable was the ginormous grilled squid.

Moi with the birthday girl.

The gang is all here: Sophea, Sokunthea and Noh, 'Sar Chanto' ITSELF. ;)

Long and Mylene.

Franco, Bettyinme, ITSELF, with Haniz.

Happy birthday my dear Karen and I can't wait for the next dinner treat! ;)

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