Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Natural Beauty Basic

I grabbed this Natural Beauty Basic bag, a Japanese label, when I saw it because:

a.) it's leather

b.) it's what I call the bodega bag where you can dump everything you need to carry minus the kitchen sink.

c.) it's $1.00

I kinda adore that it's battered and not perfect, which makes it perfect, actually. There's something charming about leather that makes it more perfect the more you abuse it, hehehe. I gave it to my friend Cielo who liked it when she saw a picture of it. I don't know though if it's her style to carry a 'not-perfect, dirty bag'. ;)

Part of my JapanTS loot.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey DP! im back to life! hehe :) of course i like this bag that u gave! kaw pa! youre the best! nice talaga mga finds mo sa Japan japan! mapuntahan na nga talaga yan! :))