Monday, March 15, 2010

India Gate

One night we decided to try out India Gate restaurant which opened close to Poetry, just in the next alley.

It's not really as fancy as Kamasutra but we tend not to judge a restaurant by ambiance alone. One of favest resto, Molopor, looks like a hole in a wall but it serves the best tomato and cheese pasta I've tasted.

I ordered samosas and it was quite filling and delicious. The mint chutney sauce goes perfect with the spicy filling.

The way they served the food was a little bit un-appetizing and I didn't like that the rice was not Basmati. The lentil was chunkier and more rustic than what I've had before. Their vegetable curry (the one in the upper middle part of the tray) was delicious, though. I didn't bother to eat the one beside it because it looks like dinuguan (blood stew) although it was a vegetarian set. hehehe. Note to self: order individual dishes and not a set.

Here's what I wore.

Grey top from Cielo

Cotton pants by DP and tabi shoes.

Cross necklace from Soria, skull necklace from HK.

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