Saturday, March 13, 2010

Red Pants

I designed this red pants for myself last holiday season because I wanted something festive to wear during that time and I was inspired by an old collection of Helmut Lang. I did wear it with a Helmut Lang shirt for our Christmas party at home. I also like that it pairs well with the red Muji sneakers Kiks got me in Japan. There was a time when I never really wore any color and I wrap myself in black. I was in college then (late 90's) and I remember some people called me 'Man in Black'. This was in Iloilo where Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons and Helmut Lang elicits a blank expression when I spurt out enthusiastically about their genius work. Anyway, when I started working I began exploring a more different approach to dressing other than the minimal style I was used to. Then prints and neon became acceptable and I began liking intense colors. Fuchsia pink, sulphuric yellow and Yves Klein blue are my favorite colors. Red seems neutral to me now as well as boring blue.

Top: Playhound

Bag: Moschino

Accessories: assorted bracelets

Pants: DP red canvas pants

Shoes: Muji

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