Monday, March 08, 2010

Loven's Aman B-day Dinner

I had the chance to experience an Amansara evening again when Faith hosted a dinner for her husband Loven as a birthday gift. Loven had a spa treatment earlier there, too. When you enter the exclusive property, you're greeted with this lovely set-up in the reception area. That's what I love about Amansara, the simple, elegant way the property is laid out and decorated. Don't you just love the huge metal vase filled with white mums? Chic, non?

We started by having cocktails at their roof deck with towering mature trees hovering above us. The sound of cicadas and birds create a soothing symphony while we chatted about the latest news around town since I've been away for a week. I needed to be updated! ;)

I always have a pleasant and wonderful experience at Aman so I'm quite excited and happy to be there. I don't always get to go there even if I have friends 'inside' ;)

We started off with this wonderful melange of cheese and crackers. I paired it with sauvignon blanc but I forgot what brand it was. Sayang, it's delish. I'll try to ask Riina, the f&b manager there.

For starters I opted for this succulent scallops on a bed of pounded mango salad or boklahom in Khmer. It was simply divine!

I also tasted a little bit of lentil soup done the Indian way. So flavorful and aromatic.

Then I had some wild mushroom and goat cheese risotto. The creamiest, hearty-est, simply delish risotto I've tasted in a while. The serving was generous but I simply wiped it clean.

Then the chef and crew sang happy birthday to Loven who was pleasantly surprised. Even us were surprised because Faith didn't set it up. Loven stayed in several Amans before and they always remember your birthdays and stuff about you. We didn't even have to tell them we were pesco vegetarian because they already know from their files. That's the Aman way and so chic, non?

They gave Loven this cute chocolate cheesecake. It was sinfully rich and very bad for my tummy.

But since I'm indulging myself that night and I don't often eat there I gave in to a slice of lemon tart when Riina offered.

Faith and Loven.

We were joined by our friend Lynette who gifted Loven with a bottle of sauvignon blanc which we guzzled the entire dinner. It was sooooo smooth and perfect for the food we ate.

Amansara was formerly the summer house of King Norodum Sihanouk.

The dining area now was where he screened his films, him being an avid film maker.

The bar at Amansara is one of my fave area there. I imagine that kind of set-up in my house, too.

Then we rested in front of the pool and chatted about.

A little camwhoring, of course.

I feel at home, really.

Then we checked out their shop.

Lynette looks so fit, non? She does yoga, pilates and karate! She rocks her body con dress.

Loven and I, when combined, reminds you of Christmas or the flag of Italy.

Of course, a little Fashion Diary:

Top: Rick Owens tee from Andy

Bottom: DP red canvas pants

Shoes: Muji

My two skull necklace, the upper one from Marc by Marc Jacobs and the bottom one a new piece given by Noh from Thomas Sabo's 'Rebel at Heart' collection.


Anonymous said...

Sossssyal!!! kainggit! yayy! bawal magkasala,sorry Lord :) sarap nyang Aman night nyo ha! happy for you :=)truly!!!

switful said...

Amansaraaaaaaaa!!!!! waaah! :(

burrito said...

how much is the spa treatment at amansara?