Wednesday, March 10, 2010


When I went thrift shopping with my friends Faith and Cielo some full moons ago, I picked up this Louis Vuitton Monogram bag. The actual name of the bag I don't know but it looks like a saddle bag or inspired by it.

*Edit: An angel pm'd me and said it's an LV Cartouchiere. Thanks dahling, you know who you are ;)

I'm not sure if it's imitation or not but the hardware looks fine even though it's tarnished.

The stiches even and the printing of the name inside quite similar as what I see on my friend's authentic LV bags.

There's a serial number that conforms to the description I read online of vintage pieces.

The monogrammed canvas and leather accents feel soft and aged as normal.

The interior zip.

The buckle of the strap. I forgot to take a photo of the side buckles of the strap with fine 'Louis Vuitton' etched on it.

The snap closure of the flap.

The strap's shoulder guard.

Anyway, what do you think? I got it for $5.00, a price I wouldn't mind if it turns out to be fake. ;)

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toxic disco boy said...

looks real!!!!!!!!