Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brown and Green

I've been bored with black lately. I've been bored with everyone in the blogsphere looking 'gothic', tattered, spiked, leathered and depressing. It's not stimulating my senses and I don't find it edgy when everyone copy pasted the look from Alaska to Zimbabwe. Like what Toxic said, 'If it's in Zara, it's time to move on'. Even Tita Carine Roitfeld has been avoiding the dark plague for some season now. Don't get me wrong, I love black like it's my security blanket but I just don't want to be part of the 'same, same but different' crowd for now. Good thing it's so hot nowadays and being in all-black looks silly (and I mean some in leather which is ridiculous, really!) and just crazy.

So in an effort to stay away from black I have embraced color combinations that I haven't done in all my life. Like I can't remember when was the first time I combined brown and green in an outfit. I think this was the first time because I've detested wearing brown before. I don't know why maybe because it's a difficult color for me to mix with black. I find black with brown too academic like a school uniform. I fell in love with this brown jersey for the color block collection I did for FCC here in Siem Reap. I made it into this cape inspired top with hoodie.

Green wasn't also in my wardrobe before if you don't include military greens. This type reminds me so much of Boy Scout uniform, actually. I got it from Loven when he had an excess for some of his samples for his graphic design stuff. He probably used it for table cloth or something. Hehehe! I had this sort of Miuccia Prada idea of using something you hate and design it to something you can use yourself. That's how she does her collections and for this hateful green color I think it's sooooo tacky that it's so cool. Anyway, I just now realized I look like a plant with the brown and green combined, hehehe. But it does make an interesting combination paired with a black tabi boots, non?

My cross and skull necklace.

This Bleach Catastrophe leather bracelet was a buy from Bleach Cebu when I went there last year. I have the black color version, also.


toxic disco boy said...

im still on the transitioning stage. all through out 2009 i only bought black. i must replenish!! haha.

it's hard no? i sooo love black and leather. but now i at least try to avoid the studs and the tattered. clean lines lang. haha.

love the top. love the way it hangs. tabi boots ftw.

fuchsiaboy said...

yeah, i think even fashion is going towards clean geometry. i've seen so many sculptural collections lately.

norman said...

Don, i agree with you alot of designer been using black goth kinda thing., feeling madami mag black during fashion week., anyhow, just love that brown top and green pants of you!

See you here in Manila

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks norman ;)

i'm feeling a different vibe for f/w 10 and i did a non-black collection ;)