Friday, March 12, 2010

Issey Miyake

I really don't plan what I wear on a daily basis. It's pure instinctual for me. After I take a bath in the morning I just grab some piece in my closet that feels right. From there I build the whole ensembles for the look that eventually gets filed under Fashion Diary. With this outfit above I get to wear for the first time the Issey Miyake wool felt jacket I scored from JapanTS a few moons ago.

It's a crop style jacket with a curved, molded sleeves.

Really an old piece based on the label. I think it's from the 80's. I'm happy of this find because it goes beyond Miyake's popular pleated pieces which made him a fashion icon. I paired it with a scarf printed tee from Two Percent Homme, DP cotton pants and Giordano Concepts shoes.


toxic disco boy said...

kainggit. haha. i like the proportions. parang naruto lang. chos. ^^

fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha! naruto ba? ;)