Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Other Bags

A continuation of my bag loot posts:

A Mizuno backpack gym bag in multicolored nylon is large one. I liked the color so much and I thought it's inspiring to see the combination and contrasts. A bit price-y at $3 but there's something to it that I can't let go.

This Adidas small overnight bag in nylon was a find from Phsar Krolayn, a fave local market here in SR where we usually buy thrifted stuff. I got it together with the Louis Vuitton bag. I was thinking of using it when I go to the gym.

This generic portfolio bag in industrial nylon and leather is about 20x30 inches in size. Sometimes you need a bag to properly carry illustrations and paper materials that needs to be flat, right?

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toxic disco boy said...

love the adidas. sedate lang. hahahahahahahahaha