Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mad Hat B-Day Party

It was a mad party, indeed, when Loven asked all of his 1000plus plus Facebook friends (not including those who aren't into the silly social networking site) to don their party hats for a revelry that included three establishments: Picasso, where you can drink sangria and eat tapas, Poetry, for gin, rum, wine and nibbles, and Circle/Samaki, for deadly Mojitos. See more of the party people here.

Some of the party pips: Eliz here looking very Slash, non? That's an authentic top hat she got in London that she's wearing.

At Picasso was Faith, Sreyneang, Vichet, moi, Cielo and Blady.

Shinta, who was unusually dressed down, tried my Eiffel Tower head piece.

Of course, there were prices given to the most creative hats and I won the Lifetime Achievement Award, lol! I was thinking of something fashion-y and what better way to represent that than the most iconic landmark of Paris, non? My hat was pretty popular with the Frenchies, of course.

Fashion Diary:

Top: DP 'Bird' print tee

Bottom: Helmut Lang white denim jeans

Accessories: canvas work boots, Thomas Sabo skull necklace and Moschino bag


elizar33 said...

nice shirt!

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks ;)

toxic disco boy said...

friend, winner ng concept. gusto mag paparty rin ng ganto. lol. i love what ur wearing. sedate ulet. haha. pero cool. love the head piece. gusto kong gayahin. haha.

fuchsiaboy said...

head band lang yan with printed eiffel tower image on medium heavy paper. the image is back-to-back so it's reinforced. google phillip treacy and get inspired ;)