Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trattoria Italiana

Samot is no more but now it's a pizza place called Trattoria Italiana.

My friends and I decided to check their food to see if it's a thumbs up or down.

We were given some herbed bread stick dipped in eggplant as starter.

We decided to order a few main and share everything so we could try as many. Their Seafood Risotto looks yummy!

And it even tasted yummier!

We also got the Margheritta Pizza...

and the Seafood with Kampot Meric Pizza. The pizza didn't taste great. Some of the seafood toppings weren't cooked yet. The Margheritta was just ok.

We also got this Calamares Frittos and it was a disaster.

But I'd give it a second try because the risotto was so good. It might be just opening hitches.

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