Friday, February 26, 2010


I love loose clothing more than fitted ones. I guess, it stems from my insecurity with my body and shape. It's maybe the reason why I adopted drapey, all-black outfit when I was in college as a uniform and armor because I felt protected and cocooned.

This cotton and satin Zucca sweater is one of my fave right now.

There's a bit subversive about the insertion of satin bands on a regular cotton sweater top. It drapes differently on the body. I like the folds it makes on my mid-section because it hides the flabs LOL! When I pull iy down it elongates to almost dress length.

Paired with with my loose YSL pants, Giordano Concepts shoes and unbranded leather bag.

The slouchy vibe of my outfit here is what I like.

I paired the Codes Combine top with a McQ Alexander McQueen tee.

The rabbit print is so cute! The tee was given to me by Bo.

The Codes Combine top from Cielo has a double flap closure on the front to have an illusion of double layers. It looks like I'm wearing 3 shirts when I layer it with the McQueen tee. My pants is Dries Van Noten, shoes by Muji and bag by Longchamp.


perezcg said...

DP! im so happy that you wear the top that i gave u :=) we miss you here in SR! enjoy your trip in Koh kong :)

toxic disco boy said...

i like the 2nd look. ur so payat here. ^^

fuchsiaboy said...

cielo - i always like the stuff you give me ;)

toxic - thanks ;) i'm trying to be payat.