Thursday, April 01, 2010


I love Pop Art and Warhol is the King of it, non? Of course, an original will cost in millions of dollars and the possibility of me owning an one is like insane. Besides, I'd probably buy more clothes than actually buy art, wehehehe!

An idea came to me, a brilliant one I might add, to frame the Andy Warhol tee shirts I've been collecting from the thrift shop. Here's 2 of some pieces I displayed at Poetry.

Campbell Tomato Soup

Not very clear but that's Double Elvis.

Loven just framed two Cambell soup this morning and he displayed it at Art Deli. I also just framed a Warhol self portrait. Will make a post about it next time.

Do you like my little framing art project?


Anonymous said...

galing! i like Campbells tomato soup...:-)very nice DP

toxic disco boy said...

great idea. kebs ako sa art. haha. i like it but don't spend on it. LOL

fuchsiaboy said...

make ka na lang ;)