Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Deli

This is how it looked when it was still being fixed. Our first glimpse of Art Deli, our newest fave hang-out place here in SR.

Empty walls of the 1920's French Colonial house.

My friend Loven is a good garbage collector, este, vintage hunter and he brought all these junk to fill up the space. Our favorite is this sign El Camino, a now defunct Mexican resto that was opened for less than 5 months. I haven't even tried their food but a lot of people said it was vile. Now I know why they're closed. ;)

Drop by at Art Deli for drinks and food and art and good conversations. Say hi to me if you see me there ;)

1 comment:

kawadjan said...

Love, love, ArtDeli. It's the best hang-out place in SR.