Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Got sick!

I went to the hospital because I had a severe case of infection in my throat. It's the usual deadly combination of stress, hot weather, dust and going in and out of airconditioned places. What to do, aber? I got a little bit scared because I had difficulty swallowing so I was pretty sure it wasn't some simple fever and sore throat anymore. Loven and Faith drove me to the hospital around midnight.

The Royal Angkor International Hospital is probably the best hospital in Siem Reap and I was duly impressed with the way they handled my sickness. Being the spawn of a doctor I grew up knowing the protocols and necessary procedures and questions that they need to follow and ask a patient. Of course, I also came prepared and was duly ready with all the answers to their queries.

We saw this funny sign in the driveway of the hospital. What is 'The Charming of Bayon Smile'? Please explain to me why it's there.

This is my doctor, Dr. Supheng. He ended up giving me a stronger antibiotic, a painkiller, a decongestant because it's a complication of my sinus and an anti inflammatory to stop the swelling of my throat.

The pay was a little bit expensive but I wouldn't complain because it's worth it. It's just so hard being sick so I'm taking more precaution not to stress myself too much. I hate being sick!


toxic disco boy said...

i have constant throat problems too. and the antibiotics is expensive noh? nakakaloka. ilang damit na sa ukay. hahahahaha. ^^

Ann said...

Get well soon!=)
"The Charming of Bayon Smile"?
Haha, may be they meant that their hospital boast the Charm of a Bayon Smile---whoever Bayon is,=)

kawadjan said...

"I had difficulty swallowing" -- Yun na. Sabi nga ng mga Siamese... Up to you, kha.