Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Not Quite Dandy Shoes

This my 'new' thrifted shoes. When I saw it I thought it was a number (n)ine or yohji yamamoto. It was not but I still really like how it was designed. It's such a perfect laced shoes for moi, a little bit unconventional but still quite classic, I guess.

I fell in love with the tattered details on the seams. The laces wrapping the shoes is an added detail I thought lent an extra air of 'designed' to it.

The tatters is actually a fraying fabric wedged in place between the leather seams.

I haven't heard of the brand Take.Two. Have you?

It's a little bit steep at $15 for thrifted shoes but I decided it's quite unique and fabulous to wear.

I haven't really invested on proper 'formal' shoes ever since my move to SR because the place doesn't really lend that proper air for one. Everyone's in flip flops and sneakers because it's dusty although the locals do like to wear leather shoes all the time paired with polyester slacks and long sleeved button down shirts. It's definitely a look I wouldn't be caught dead in. Franco and I have been hankering for some leather boots but we've been unsuccessful in our quest to find in the thrift market. If I'd buy a designer one I'd rather buy something from Ann Demeulemeester because I know I'd love it forever. I saw some DM's in Bangkok and it hasn't appealed to me just like when I was in highschool. Well, not yet ;) But, of course, it's just a matter of budget and I don't have the capacity to splurge on one, both the DM's and Ann D's, for now. This find just makes my desire a little bit bearable and I honestly think it's such a handsome pair.

What do you think Toxic? This is the shoes I was telling you about.


Anonymous said...

cool shoes DP! medyo mahal lang ha! ;-) i used to have a few Take Two brands from ukay Phsa kroline...:))

toxic disco boy said...

haha. talgang may special mention ako. yes i lovette! very harajuku. haha. ang cute niya. i don't like corporate wear too. ^^

fuchsiaboy said...

the idea of generic uniform for a corporate job just makes me cringe. ewwww!

fuchsiaboy said...

korean ba or japanese brand ito? wala ako makuha sa google eh. ;) sikat pala yan dito sa thift store cielo?

switful said...

I LOVE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm,baka sumikat sya di pa uso ang google? heheh! yeah,nasa ukayan yan ditto! :-)