Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DESIRE by Sera

Goodbyes are always complicated is what I'm used to say and this farewell exhibit, my last as the official curator of the Arts Lounge, was not only complicated because of the set-up but also because for 2 and half years this gallery has been my playground.

Sera, our featured artist, is a Paris based French Khmer and his work is a fine example of abstract expressionism that made a great impact in me when I saw it. I was drawn to the energy it eminated and I am lucky to have it as my final exhibit for the gallery.

We wanted to match the elegance of the large pieces by Sera so along with Loven and the rest of the de la Paix team we decided to create an evening dotted with performances by some of Cambodia's finest artists in the field of music, dance, food and even aroma.

Inspired by the opera, we had red drapes and customized candelabras for the event. I used 108 candles to be exact which was lit one by one by costumed maidens. We had Dave Rosali, a product of the Philippine Highschool for the Arts, partner with Belle, Cambodia's premiere traditional Khmer and contemporary dancer, for a passionate dance number on the water flooded lower area of the Arts Lounge. I made the special costume for their dance.

Afterwhich, Sethisak Khoun, internationally trained Cambodian tenor, brought the house down with his goosebump inducing performances of classic opera songs. Not a few people came up to me to tell how wonderful it was for them to witness the unveiling we prepared.

Of course, the star of the night was the works of Sera. We had red drapes covering them until the reveal and I heard gasp of surprise when it were finally put down.

Amazing works especially when you see it for real.

We also collaborated with Leng Laddang, the spa guro of Spa Indochine, to uniquely scent the Arts Lounge with a thought provoking mixture of bergamot, lemon grass and jasmine. The kitchen of Hotel de la Paix, under Chef Johannes Revierre and Sous Chef Bryan Gardner, concocted a series of nibbles and canapes involving food that's associated with desire. There were even chocolate fountains that were a sure hit that night. Even Kan Rinna, the hotel's food and beverage director, created a pink colored cocktail for the special event.

To say that I'm happy about the event is an understatement. I am just truly thankful that I'm leaving on such a high note. I am looking forward though for the next curator to continue the legacy I and the previous people involved with the Arts Lounge because it is such an important venue in showcasing the art of the Khmer people.

I'm also thankful for the people who attended the event especially because it was my adieu.

Moi with Ate Lynette

With Faith and Loven.

Phnom Penh friends: Mikee, Franco, Karen and Dave.

Karen, looking fab!

My dearest Eliz decked in all my fave brands!

Michael and Sophea.

A lot of my friends came, it was touching!

And what did I wear, if you may ask?

Suit: DP one button cotton jacket with extra slim pants

Shirt: A.P.C.

Tie: Folded&Hung satin skinny tie

Shoes: tabi boots

Accessories: Martin Margiela leather ribbon pin

Don't I look fab?

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