Monday, April 19, 2010

Franco in SR

Franco, my BFF (currently no. 1 ranking) from Phnom Penh and Bettyinme ITSELF, visited moi here in SR to attend my farewell exhibit at the Arts Lounge. Usually, he would drop by for work and we really don't get to do much 'lifestyle' thingies but luckily this time he's got his hair down and experienced it. Earlier that day we hosted a lunch party at the house for a select group of Filipino friends after church service. We started off the evening with cocktails at Amansara, the uber exclusive enclave of the rich and famous.

Faith, our gracious hostess at Amansara.

I've been to Amansara countless of times but everytime I come back I can't help but feel giddy with excitement like winning a prize or opening a present. I just so love it there ;)

This plateful of cheese accompanied our cocktail drinks. I think I got a pinacolada version of Amansara. It was delish!

Apres, I brought them to my enclave, Meric of Hotel de la Paix. Since we did a little bit of stuffing at Amansara (the cheeses were excellent and goes well with the fruit nutty bread) we decided to order 3 dishes to share.

A tuna sashimi appetizer...

scallops with ravioli in a divine sauce that's creamy heaven...

and a cold potato soup with greens and salmon brioche on top.

It's safe to say Franco enjoyed it so much. His account of his trip here.

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