Thursday, April 01, 2010

Some Icky Colors

The colors I'm wearing reminded me so much of Prada from the early years when Miuccia would favor mixing browns with ochre and all sorts of vintage-y yellows and green. In my bid to at least rest myself from wearing black I'm discovering unusual color combinations that I haven't worn before. This was unplanned like I've said a couple of posts. I'm enjoying the challenge, though, and I think I'm still within my minimalist style albeit a more brighter kind. I've also discovered my love for gray jersey, a sample I will make a post of later.

Shirt: Kenzo Homme (instead of buttons it's zipped. nifty no? i like little details like that.)

Pants: DP green cotton jeans

Shoes: Converse

I'm obsessed with Herve Chapelier bags these days. I got another one from Cielo in a berry and pink combo.

My socks from H&M in yellow green with cyan blue skulls. I'm decked in icky colors all over!

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toxic disco boy said...

color blocking! lovette. i love the colors here. very easy on the eyes. cool ang effect.