Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Their Second Day

Playing host to Kawadjan and Bubbles, them aliens from the other side of Cambodia, proved quite easy once they've been familiar with the terrain of Siem Reap. I wasn't really worried about them going about unaccompanied because if they get lost then that would make my job easier and would cut the whole hosting thing quite abruptly. They proved quite resilient which brought me to resignation that there's no way we can get rid of them except to go through the whole process of showing them around, shocking a number of locals or two. What to do aber?

In the evening we checked out Amansara because I brought Betty in there and it is necessary that I bring Kawadjan there, too. You see, Kawadjan and Betty has this sort of rivalry ever since the Intergalactic Modeling Competition was launched. Kawadjan was unfortunately dethroned by Betty on the merit that Betty has a much slimmer waistline (24 inches to be exact) than Kawadjan. Betty can also cook up a storm if need be, much destructive than what Kawadjan can. So the Galactic Council have given the decision that Betty is no.1 and Kawadjan is a distant 2nd. BUT...rumor has it that an upstart, a close 3rd, was creating some havoc ITSELF and was identified as Toxicdiscoboy. As with all this competition, you can never be comfortable with the position you're in coz someone behind can surprise everyone. Be afraid, be very AFRAID!

All this gossips made me tired and Amansara was the perfect place to rejuvenate my rattled nerves. I'm bagay there, chai mai? Chai!

Thanks to my workasonic friends, Faith and Ate Lynette, for the tour. Loves eeet, palanggas! ;)

Them aliens started fiercing around the place.

But I have to teach them how to do it properly, non? Do I really have to do everything here?! So you see the amount of energy I expend just to do this hosting thing right.

Apres, it was off to the street food sellers because the alcoholic, este, social drinker Kawadjan was thirsty for some Angkor Beer. Bubbles settled for some coconut juice because he was on diet (rolls eyes). Fun way to end the day ;) And NO we didn't talk about Gibo, Lyka, Kiel, Kiks, etc. Do we ever gossip about OTHER people?

Read Kawadjan's account here.

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kawadjan said...

Winner ang pose sa Buddha head.

Anyway, I would just pray for the soul of Betty. *sniff*