Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Social Whirlwind

Not only did my friends from Bangkok came to SR but a group from Phnom Penh also. The life of a social butterfly, chai mai? Daw maungo ako! ;) Early evening I had drinks with them at Nest Angkor, a nice place for cocktails.

I was just out of infection and still drinking antibiotic so it was juice only for me. They have delish fruit juice concoction though. The apple with beet was a revelation as well as the apple, mint and broccoli one.

Then I bumped into them later in the evening at Trattoria Italiana. From left it's Sokunthea, Karen and Tyra.

Michael and Franco was there, too.

Across at Art Deli there was a big group of pips for the 2nd food tasting Loven hosted. Former Nueva Yorkies Joellene, Eliz and Joe. All fashion pips, yay!

There were friends from L.A., Seattle, New Jersey, etc. It was an evening of farewells, coz some are going back already to their places or getting a long vacation, and welcome, too, because some had just arrived and will be starting their new life here in Siem Reap. Very Head of Janus, non?

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