Tuesday, April 20, 2010

K, M and B in SR

There was definitely a marked change of weather patterns the moment this three beings arrived in SR from Bangkok. The phenomena was especially strong and affected everyone. It was pinpointed that the highest magnitude of radiation came off most especially from the rightmost being you see here. Scientists have named them, from left, Bubbles, Marcos and Kawadjan.

Within hours of arriving SR they have caused mayhem and induced perplexed stares from shocked locals.

I was, of course, tasked to introduce to the alien beings our more sedate way of life, a more genteel lifestyle far away from their chaotic world. In SR we do late lunches unhurriedly while flipping a fashion magazine or two. The more savant Marcos easily adapted and climitized to the environment. Very soon he was on his own snapping some photos to document his journey. Meanwhile, Bubbles and especially Kawadjan, I had a bit of hammering before they got it.

I even had to bribe Kawadjan with a message from the president of that country people like to love or hate.

Of course, not to be outgunned, Bubbles had to settle with the queen of talk, no less.

In the end there's nothing like alcohol to calm the alien beings. They were a happy camper by evening ;)


Lyka Bergen said...

Ibang klase ang K na toh! Pls lang!

kawadjan said...

Barack is very pleased, indeed.

Talk about causing a storm in SR, di ba? Wag ka, wala pang bagyong Betty yan. I can't wait for the next post.

Jase said...

I luv the black pillows with celebrity names on it...