Monday, April 26, 2010

Shades of Blue

This was my attempt to grab similar shaded clothing items in my closet. It was so hot so I got my seldom worn AMEN tank that I bought from Backstage a long time ago. The last time I remember wearing it was when I vacationed in Laos two years ago.

The navy blue vest is a JapanTS find. It's actually very hard to tailor vests and jackets so I really appreciate sartorial items like that especially if it's impeccably done. This bespoke piece I found is perfection. It hugs my torso like a dream. I'm so happy with this $1 find. My pants is another thrift shop find in Phsar Krolayn and it's a drawstring denim that's super loose and actually quite large for moi. But I like the volume it creates and it's very comfy like pajama pants. I tucked it in my canvas boots because it's also too long for my legs but when I'm in the house I love how it drags and feels so poetic that way. My bag is Herve Chapelier in blue and grey colorway. So practical these French nylon bags.

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