Sunday, April 25, 2010


I didn't think I could do it but I've been succesfully avoiding wearing all-black outfits for weeks now.

Another shade I rocked recently is purple and thanks to this Cacharel jacket I scored from Japan Thrift Shop which anchored the look. I paired it with an ube-esque tank, also an ukay find, which reminded me of an Eairth piece I saw in their workshop. The purplish Calvin Klein jeans was also a JapanTS find. Man, the things I find there. I'm actually itching to go again since I heard they've got a huge new shipment opened recently.

Oh, I think the red Topman belt and Muji sneakers somehow makes it a little bit interesting. A sartorial flair, if you may. I'd like to think it's very Dries Van Noten-ish, non?

I really love the plaid and wrinkly texture of the jacket.

The label, I'm guessing, was during the Clements Ribeiro years. Other designers who helmed the label includes Esther Angula and the prints genius husband&wife team Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto. Suzanne Clements & Inacio Ribeiro are also a couple. Today the collection is designed by an in-house team.

For the look, I decided to use this tiny Prada backpack find at, where else?, Japan TS. Me got it for $1, can you believe? I guess my look reminded me of college although it's far from the all-black, Helmut Lang-ish looks I've really worn back then. Maybe I would style some nerdy college type with this look, lol! Just add some rounded spectacles to complete the look, non?

I was dreaming of a Prada backpack in college coz the only thing I can afford was this blue knock-off. Mind you, Prada wasn't popular when I was in college and so was Helmut Lang so nobody did really understand my obsession with those labels except for my friend Faith who was into Calvin Klein minimalism when everybody was still stuck in their 80's duds. Everyone was into Jansport and Eastpak.


toxic disco boy said...

nakakainggit. winner na naman ang japan japan. i need to fly there. hahahaha.

i like the ube ha. fresh and very unexpected color. bihira lang ako makakita ng ube sa kalsada. so cute! and i like the way it (cacharel) hangs. slouchy na hinde. ewan! haha.

Ann said...

LOVE the jacket--
I'm wearing a black top now, argh! I can't seem to stop my self. It's scorching here in Manila, and my fave color to wear is black--I'm so weird.

iwearhk said...

I like how it looks so organic and sartorial at the same time.....
Its like preppy on weed....

like it!!!

switful said...

super winner! You know nman how addicted ako sa ube...

Anyway, ang nasabi ko lang sa pic (i mean napasigaw) "Ang payat ni Don!" i just saw you a week ago, pero ang payat mo ah....i hope it's bcoz of the gym & not bcoz you've been sick. Kasi i know someone na gumagamit na alternatives, unlike sa atin na natural ang pagpayat...parang autumn lang, hahahah(staring straight at you kawadjan, LOL)