Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Scarf Top

The best coconut juice! We buy them at the local fruit stands here and it's very special because the coconut is boiled to enhance the flavor of the juice. It's sweet and creamy.

Here's what I wore.

Again, I'm reminded of Prada in here. I don't know what's happening but it's the first thing that popped into my head. This version is reminescent of Prada's postcard prints but here I've made this vintage Mount Fuji scarf into a simple top. Love the colors. It's very resort, non?

I paired it with my DP leather gladiators and H&M skull socks. You must remember Prada also revisited this 'ugly' style with her famous color block collection. And there was one season when Raf Simons also styled his clothes with the socks&sandals combo. It was an attempt on my part to edgy-fy a rather 'tourist-y' look.

Just to make it more interesting I used this tacky gold Bench tote for effect.

What do you think?

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