Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Home

The piece that dictated the whole ensembles was the Final Home zipped vest.

I was thinking skewed Cali slash skater slash seen-by-a-Japanese kind of way. If you don't understand how I mixed all those references then don't try to ever decipher it because it's all in my head. That dusty purple shirt is DKNY tucked into a Levi's jeans with an American Eagle braided belt. Peeking out is the tie of a CYAN shorts in wrinkled, 'Eairth-ish' cotton.

There's always something quite 'future' about Final Home. The fabric of this piece is sort of rubbery, paper-y and perforated but with a little stretch. It's very light weight.

I'm loving the mix of purplish, brownish gray, mahogany, denim blue colors you see here.


toxic disco boy said...

taray. i googled pa to know final home since i bet it's something bongga esp. coming from you. hahahahah.

fuchsiaboy said...

it's under the issey miyake company ;)