Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sojourn 2

My Sojourn look:

Top: DP 'Owens' tee

Bottom: DP shorts from 'Diaspora' collection f/w 08

assorted necklaces

Herve Chapelier bag and Havaianas flip flop I borrowed from Franco.

This is the main club house of Sojourn.

We dipped in the pool and around it are their villas.

We checked out one of the villas and it was very spacious. The bed is king size and very comfy. I like that it's white. Minimal chic, non?

There's an indoor and outdoor shower area with nice sculptural touches.

In this heat, it's perfect to shower outside.

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toxic disco boy said...

sedate ang drama. you always go to nice places like this. i'm inggit. haha