Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 3 of the Visitors

THEY started off their day with sunrise at Angkor Wat and I passed on that, thank you. Instead I brought them for breakfast at Soup Dragon (rumored to have caused diarrhea to countless clueless tourists but them Kawadjan and Bubbles' tummy must be made of rubber coz no tummy ache. Plan failed again!).

Someone sure can't stop EATING!

I always order this seafod kwityo and it's so hearty.

Apres, I toured them around the Central Market, passing by some thrift store selling denims and shirt, to FCC, the gardens and galleries along the way.

On the riverside... I really don't know how to explain it. Would 'cavorting with concrete animals' suffice? I heard Tyra would approve.

Some images of a new wat we passed by.

With a funny sign.

Imagine I've been living in Siem Reap for 2 and half years and I haven't been to this fountain area in the Raffles garden. Weird, right? Betty, we better shoot there pronto!

At Raffles Angkor, yes that famous hotel in that small country with weird English, we had some refreshments. I mean, after what Kawadjan did I surely needed a strong drink because I was so sure I'd be shamed and deported out because of his antics.

We checked out the stores at Raffles and I was surprised to see this head in their antiques gallery. Similar at Amansara! Someone will not be pleased...

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kawadjan said...

Tama na! Tama na ang pambubuko mo sa akin na I love carbs and that I'm lasengga. Wala na akong credibility sa aking publique!

Kelan ka daw ide-deport for bringing bad elements into your peaceful country? Matawagan nga si Hun Sen.