Saturday, April 24, 2010

G in SR

Look do we have here?! It's Gibo, ITSELF, in Siem Reap. He came with Pat for a 3 day r&r. I bumped into them last night on the street. Was I shocked or what?! Nobody can really escape me when you're in MY town, honey. ;)

We haven't seen each other for a long time and I must say he's looking good. Of course, nothing like an injection of formalin and daily use of Lab Series to maintain the mummified complexion. Kawadjan , dear, I suggest you better take note because it's Oscar de la Renta territory for you soon so you will NEED this.

I went with them to the night market for some souvenirs and I ended up buying stuff for myself, too.

We checked this used bookstore but ended up not buying anything.

I brought them to the Arts Lounge at Hotel de la Paix to see our latest exhibit.

Of course, I also showed them around the hotel.

Apres, we went for dinner at the Sugar Palm. The food was delish and I missed it. We had some drinks at Pub Street but went home early because Gibo had to do 'sunrise' at Angkor Wat.

We met up for lunch at AHA today. It's the last day of their short vacation. I love Gibo's tee with the print 'NOT MADE IN CHINA'. How cute is that? It was fun catching up with Gibo and finally meeting Pat. We DIDN'T really talk about our friends like Kawadjan, Bubbles, Lyka, Robert etc. We don't gossip like that, uy! ;)

I wish they could have stayed longer so I could show them around.

Knowing Gibo likes his wine, AHA was the perfect place to bring him because of the extensive wine offered.

We settled for a Chilean sauvignon blanc and I really like that the fruitiness of it complimented our food. We had some cheese, citrus salad, prawns and other nibbles.

Not that the food really mattered for Gibo, actually. He related that on the way to Siem Reap, on the plane they served corned beef with rice and his drink of choice was sparkling wine, of course. That was breakfast time.

It's like someone I know who likes beer (Looking straight at you).

I think Gibo and Pat enjoyed their stay in Siem Reap even though it's just short. I asked them to come back again because there's still so much to see here beyond the usual tourist-y areas. Trust me, I know ;)


toxic disco boy said...

bakit ang daming bonggang restaurant sa cambodia? my friends and i were making chika about your blog (yes we talk about you) and wonder why you get all the delish foods. kaloka lang. for me, mcdelivery is gourmet. hahaha.

Lyka Bergen said...

Ibang klase ka! Dinadayo ka! Parang attraction. Second to Angkor Wat! Kung may direct flight lang sana from MNL.

kawadjan said...

Ay! Winner ang pagtatagpong ito! Gosh, that photo of Gibo drinking wine is so telling ha. Chowz!