Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Food Tasting

It was perfect timing that Kawadjan, Bubbles and Marcos were here because Loven hosted a food tasting for Art Deli. I don't wanna put someone on the spotlight but someone ATE a LOT and I'm not talking about you Bubbles nor was it you Marcos (looking straight at the culprit). Here's what we sampled:

Assorted bruchettas:

Mushroom tapenade and cheese

Anchovies and cheese


We also had pizza's- the thin crust, wood fire stone oven baked ones:

Chicken Curry

Assorted mushrooms and cheese

We also had pastas:

Artichokes and white wine

Classic tomato

Mussels and mushroom.

YUM, yum, YUM! Needless to say someone out there needs to double time in the gym coz I'm telling you honey FAT goes with all this food tasting.


hersey_go said...

hi dp. how's sr? the food looks oh so yummy. is there a night life at sr? is there a big Filipino community there? thanks

kawadjan said...

My gosh, maling tao ang tinanong ni Loven about the food kase you know me, I eat anything. Wala nang nguyaan pa. Lunok kaagad.

I love the mussels in mushroom and the crust of those pizzas are to die for.