Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Takeo Kikuchi

I'm slowly getting on wearing one by one the stuff I got from Japan Thrift Shop from my last visit there. I seriously edited one rack of finds because it would have been too much already to buy all the pieces I liked. Most of the stuff I eventually bought were for wearing and some for selling. The ones I first let go were the winter grade jackets from Karl Lagerfeld, Dior and Givenchy although I was really, really, really regretting I let go of the Lagerfeld one. This Takeo Kikuchi got included in my loot because it fits me like a glove. It's just a classic 3-buttoned jacket.

I've been seriously avoiding brown as a color but this paler brown seems close to flesh that it's more neutral in my eyes. I think dark brown makes me sickly pale. The fabric of the jacket feels like paper which is something you would expect from a Japanese designer. It's unlined so that makes it possible for me to wear here in Siem Reap.

I wore it with the Martin Margiela AIDS tee edition for spring/summer 2006.

Mike S. found it in the thrift store and bought it for me. I'm just obsessed with these tees. I think I've got 13 pieces already.

Takeo Kikuchi is now helmed by designer Taishi Nobukuni, a graduate of Central St. Martin's College in London, after it's eponymous designer bowed out in 2004. Aside from clothing Kikuchi also designed spectacle frames and chronographs. The label site here.

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