Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Wonderful Day

Eliz and I both wore the latest Wanderlust shirt samples on that day. I met up with her to give the prezzies of Daniel, a scarf and a gorgeous studded belt.

She's having lunch with Ambreen who's visiting from Phnom Penh.

On the other hand I ate lunch at AHA with Marpha. I got this wonderful citrus salad with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Divine! One of my favest salads so far.

I also ordered this fried buttered catfish with 3 sauces: pickled banana, Khmer mango salad and tomato basil chutney. YUMMY!

In the evening I had fellowship with 4 Khmer brothers at church. We had a great time studying the Bible and sharing our thoughts about our lives.


Anonymous said...

so great to see you hang out with our Khmer brothers! you're awesome DP! :-)

Andrea Gray said...

Hello again! I am starting to plan another trip to Cambodia for this december, would love to meet up if possible. I have been checking your blog lately for fun places to eat while I'm there. Let me know of any art show there I should check out.