Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Or twisted or biased. That was the main theme of my outfit that Eliz noticed when she saw me.

This tee I got from this Bangkok brand is not cut straight but features a seam that curves.

This Levi's Engineered Jeans is also cut with the side seams twisting around the legs.

It's extremely fascinating for me to 'discover' such technical detail and I'm much more attracted to such point rather than a certain stylistic point of view. It's more than 10 years since this design was developed. Isn't it amazing?

The pocket is re-engineered, as well. It's also curving to follow the shape of the butt.

It has belt buckles on the band if you want to adjust for a more snug fit.

It has hanger loops that I don't normally see in regular jeans. Only designer jeans like Helmut Lang has such detail.

The pewter hardware.

The twisted seam makes it a little bit skinny on the silhouette which I love.

Have you seen my shoes?! ;)


toxic disco boy said...

remember the SMAP cd that u will give to me? haha. si takuya, one of the boys there was the endorser for this collection! when i saw the commercial for EJ on mtv before (bata pa kez) it opened my mind to japanese fasheen.

ganda nga. na fscinate ako sa pocket detail. galing.

fuchsiaboy said...

this was an unexpected buy from some random thrift store here in SR. i got it for $5. keri na, i just thought of it as charity ;)