Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's crazy hot here in SR. Over the weekend I had a major event, a photoshoot and lots of little random events like farewell parties and birthdays. Now it has taken a toll on my health and I'm a little bit under the weather with a major sore throat. So not nice with this heat and all. But I'm happy because I've survived all those things and now I can concentrate on getting healed from this sickness. It started last Friday when I felt something itchy on my throat. I tried to ignore it and still guzzled gazillion of Coke Light with ice. Bad move but what can I do?

Friday was happiness because I got my Martin Margiela AIDS tee for s/s 2010. Daniel bought it for me and it was Eliz who got it from him when they met up in Bangkok last week.

It was also happiness part deux because I brought the box that Daniel sent from Hongkong filled with goodies! Eliz was ecstatic to receive one special jacket when we opened it.

Lovely, isn't it?

It's a double breasted, peaked lapel shrunken jacket from BLACK Comme des Garcons.

Yesterday, I had a photoshoot for a magazine feature and I borrowed it from Liz to wear. It was sublime!

The box also contained lots of stuff that Eliz distributed to the lucky ones. Of course, I got plenty of pieces that I'll share with you on a later post. That perfectly faded black jeans went directly into my greedy, sweaty hands. Hehehe!

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