Friday, April 23, 2010

That weird color combo

What to do with excess scraps of fabric but turn it into something quirky, non? Especially if it's a weird colored one that's sort of maroon or magenta-ish. Anyway, here's one way to wear it because I'm telling you I had fun turning it around and playing with it. Should I call it the 'Venus' top? Wehehehe! It can be used as a halter top too and basta...there are other ways to wear it.

I paired it with a camo tank I got from the ukay. No brand. It was soooo hot that evening. My pants is DP with elastics on the back of the knee. I accessorized the look with a Thomas Sabo skull necklace, a Wonder Anatomie skull brooch Kawadjan gave me and my fave Moschino bag. My shoes is Giordano Concepts and I desperately need a new pair because it's just about to give up on me. Kiks bought it in HK for me like 2 years ago pa.

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