Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Barai Day

The mayhem continues with not only Kawadjan and Bubbles in the picture but Bettyinme itself. As they said, kulang na lang si Toxic at complete na ang tropa ng mga bagyo. LOL!

We had a very lazy, long breakfast full of juicy talks and all. If in case you bit your tongue or bumped into something that day, well, YOU now know who gossiped about you.

I took this photo on the way to the Barai, a man-made huge canal used during the zenith of the Khmer Empire. Cute lang nung bata with the big puppet!

Kawadjan was fascinated by that sight above so he asked me to take a photo of it. Don't we have that too in Pinas? I've seen much worse than that. It's an accident begging to happen, non?

This is just part of the Barai but it's sort of a canal and dam. Now people go there like it's a beach.

Nobody dared try these Khmer snacks. But I did before. So YUMMY!

I've tried this, too! Toxic gusto mo dalhan kita? How about si Karl, will he like this? Hehehe!

Since it was Khmer new year a lot of people were there to cool off and relax.

Some of our friends decided not to cross over to the man-made island in the middle of the barai so it was just me, Betty, Kawadjan, Bubbles and Karen. We hired the boat for $8. Kawadjan wasted no time in werqing it, of course. Did the boatman bat an eyelash? I think he's used to drunken tourists by now so it's not new to him.

Moi and Bubbles

Karen and Betty

When we arrived at the man-made island Kawadjan was not contented in werqing our boat but also werqd this smaller one in FRONT of all the locals there. I wouldn't be surprised if some impressionistic Khmer child would one day emerge and copy him.



All this to prove that he can out-fierce Betty.

Moving on, the intense summer heat have caused the waters to recede quite considerably so a silt bar has formed going to the island. We didn't need to see it though and was just happy that we crossed. In rainy season it's so nice because the boat can actually dock in the island shore.

What to do aber but make a Fashion Dairy, non?

Top: DP 'Owens' tee

Bottom: polka dot pants

Shoes: Giordano Concepts

Bag: Moschino

Necklace: Thomas Sabo skull

Here's K in all black.

Bubbles, the face that breaks the heart of blue eyed, blond creature.

And Betty, wearing a top he sewed himself.

Of course, when Kawadjan heard that Betty sewed his tee he went into defensive overdrive! He asked, 'Can Betty werq this bridge? Na-ah!'

Yes, he is looking straight at all his minions and you better vote for him or else...

It was so sweet of Tyra to buy food for us. We had some yummy catfish and Jurrasic fish with rice. I call it Jurrasic fish because it looks like an ugly dinosaur but it actually has a delish white flesh. National Geographic better come quick and 'discover' it.

We ate Khmer style on native woven mats.

Bubbles enjoying our lunch.

We briefly went to check out Sojourn, had snacks at the house and then decided to dip at the Golden Banana. We met up with Joe there and had cocktails. I think Joe and Bubbles had a nice connection there. Isn't it nice when friends of friends get it on like that?

Someone was giddy to have their first of the nth cocktail for the day.

A final group shot before we went home again and do costume change.

I brought them to Nest and we had some more 'lifestyle'.

Then Kawadjan shopped at Poetry and ended up buying 2 of my designs.

See Betty's account here and Kawadjan's take here.

Phew! And that was it.


toxic disco boy said...

winner ang poses ni kawadjan! haha. top model. ^^

kawadjan said...

Ay kalowka!!! Ang bongga ng araw na ito! Ang daming nangyari. May carbs, may bugs, may out-werqing, at may landian.

Bakit pala walang picture yung nahulog si Betty sa boat and we left him in the middle of the muddy barai? Censored, much?