Tuesday, February 02, 2010

1st Longchamp

Seems I'm succesful in my bid to wear more of my own stuff, here moi wearing a DP tee paired with DP pants.

The top has a very interesting pattern with the sleeves re-positioned almost to the front. A Margiela technique for his flat patterned collection. Mine's not so severe.

Love my boxing shoes but taking it off is a chore.

This is my first Longchamp given to me by Tita Jaki. I love the ochre/orange color. Soooo sturdy and practical especially when I go thrifting or shopping.


toxic disco boy said...

hey don, i saw several longchamps dun sa anonas. pero ung maliliit. same style niyan pero purse size. check ko ulit... they look real. i'll get you one if andun pa sila. 3 ung nakita ko. at may super extra large din pero di ko keri ang price. naloka ako. haha. ^^

fuchsiaboy said...

mike, you're so sweet but please don't buy me the longchamp. i have 4 already and i only like the large le pliage. I actually found a small one in the ukay last saturday and i plan to give it to a friend. plus i found a leather style i haven't gotten to posting yet from japan japan. btw, yohji yamamoto has bags and besides his own name brand there's y'saac. and someone is selling pala a comme des garcons peacoat na i think you will like. may kamahalan kasi resell pero the piece is exquisite and you can use it again and again. il send you the link ;)