Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Dream of Japan

My Tokyo-based friend, Andy, recently went on a holiday outside of Tokyo and shared with me images of his trip. It's so beautiful and cinematic! I'm dreaming of going there.

He went to Shirakawago in Gifu Prefecture, a UN World heritage site for its gasshozukuri architectural style in which sloping roofs, to keep snow from collapsing the house, are put together by the entire village, one roof at a time.

Gasshozukuri literally means 'praying construction' because the roof looks like two hands in prayer.

Shirakawago river

'The Bridge of Encounter and Meetings'

Night time scene of the town.

He also passed by Kanazawa at Ishikawa Prefecture.

There he checked out the Nagacho samurai homes. It's like I'm seeing the Leaf Village in Naruto!

In Kanazawa he ate kani amaebi don, a locally famous seafood dish made up of crab and sweet shrimp on top or rice. It looks like a small installation art!

Pongyi is the name of the guesthouse he stayed in Kanazawa.

A typical Japanese dinner.

He also had a day trip at Takayama in Gifu Prefecture where he tasted the local dishes. Dekatama, a mushroom, egg, shrimp omelette.

He also had a Hida beef set, in katsu style or breaded and fried. It looks lovely, non?

He also had it nigiri sushi style, where the beef is draped over on top of a rice ball.

I'm really psyched to go to Japan. It's really my dream to see it. Thank you Andy for sharing a little of Japan ;)


Anonymous said...

ok then il dream with you! like ko din to go there again and in this place hehe :) ask and u shall receive! and mag save na now na! :=)

fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha I know! i have to sell lots of clothing first.