Monday, February 15, 2010

Easy and Loose

It's sooooooo humid here in SR. It's so freakin hot and you just wanna soak yourself in the pool the whole day. I pulled out this outfit because of its comfort level.

The tee is a gift from Cielo. Do check her blog here. She's a devoted Christian, wife, mother, and newbie blogger, and it's fun to take a peek of her adventures. Anyway, the tee is suuuupeeeer slouchy which i LOVE! I think I haven't met anything slouchy and wrinkly that I didn't love. I paired it with a loose Yves Saint Laurent pants.

My Moschino bag is becoming my favorite. It's just the perfect size when I want to carry some small stuff like keys and money. The texture of the leather is quite interesting, non?

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