Sunday, February 14, 2010


Grabbed more blue stuff from my rack. Didn't realize I have a lot of blue stuff, too.

I'm wearing my fave Plantation blazer with Ouki shirt underneath. Ouki is this Thai tee shirt brand that costs like nothing but has a wonderful feel. Soooo comfy to wear! My pants is DP cotton pinstripes from last year.

Another blue look here with a Giorgio Armani button down shirt paired with Yves Saint Laurent pants belted with a Marc by MJ watch belt. The fabric of the shirt is 'Swiss' cotton. So cool on the skin.

My bag is an Earth Made denim tote, a current fave because I somehow like the denim trend now.

My stripe socks is from Human. I haven't shopped in Human for the longest time and I wonder what kind of clothes they sell now? The last stuff I got from there was a tee-shirt designed by Joey Samson. Don't mind my ratty Giordano Concepts sneakers. I seriously need to ask Kiks to buy me new pairs again because I've been abusing the ones I have. It's really so easy to wear that's why it's the pair I always grab.


toxic disco boy said...

hay nako teh, inspiration talga kita... i want that jacket... haha

fuchsiaboy said...

inspiration? really? ;) hahaha!