Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Barai Picnic

I spent one Sunday afternoon with my church group called Love Group (plus other friends) for a picnic at the barai.

I bought some Angkor Famous popcorn to share. Soooo addicting!

From left, it's Blady, Cielo and Betty. At the back is Solomon.

Everyone brought food. Some of us just ordered take-outs.

The barai is the ancient Angkor canal water system. There's a man-made island in the middle of it where it probably served as watch area. There's still some ruins left of a structure built there.

We rented out one of the huts and I instantly felt sleepy from the cool breeze. I took a short nap after lunch just to recharge.

If you fancy a swim you can do so.

Or borrow this little boat for a little paddle action.

There's a rest house if you wanted to sleep there overnight.

It's a nice place to escape when you wanted to go somewhere near and have that beach feel. I'd love to bring my friends for a picnic.

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Anonymous said...

that was a un time :) DP kahit sa Baray outfit ka pa din talaga! heheh..cielo :))