Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bleached, feathered and striped

I've been feeling kinda dark lately and although I still love my foray into colorful outfits I thought it best to wear this ensembles for the opening of 'Clouds', the exhibit I curated in the Arts Lounge.

The stripe knit top with extra long sleeves is an Ann Demeulemeester. The jeans by A.P.C. with an interesting 'bleached stain' detail. Both given by my dear Eliz.

The cut of the jeans is slim and perfect for moi because it has extra long legs for my 'long legged legs". ;)

The feathered shoulder shrug is a special design for moi by my friend Jor-el Espina. He's one upcoming Filipino designer to watch out for. He's a talented chap.

Some of our guests asked me why I didn't wear white for the cloud theme and I said I'd rather be a bird flying in the sky among the clouds.


Anonymous said...

very smart answer! pang Mr.half Europe half Phils 1/4 Khmer 2010!!! heheh! (smile)but really like your insight about being the black bird that flies..:))cielo

fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha! ;)